About us

  ENERGOSERVICE ENGINEERING ООD – Sofia, was established and registered in the end of 1997 with equal participation of shares of Bozhan Bozhanov, Plamen Radev, Lyudmil Popov and Kalin Petkov. The major subject of activity is: Repair, maintenance and restoration of power and mining equipment, production of spare units and equipment for the power industry. Production of metal constructions and electric installations of sites. New construction, reconstructions and modernizations.

  The administrative and technical management of Energoservice Engineering ООD is performed by:

  • Eng. Bozhan Bozhanov – Manager
  • Eng. Lyudmil Popov – Chief Engineer
  • Eng. Kalin Petkov – Chief Power Engineer
  • Eng. Plamen Radev – Chief Mechanic

  By 01.01.2011, the staff, occupying different sectors, consisted of 84 people. All guiding technical specialists have comprehensive knowledge about the current regulations on technical operation, occupational safety and health. The Company has a highly qualified staff – technologists, locksmiths, fitters and welders first category – using contemporary technologies, as well as a Certificate by the Inspectorate of State and Technical Surveillance about the repair of pipelines, devices operating at high pressure, gas facilities and installations for liquefied hydrocarbon gases. The electric-technical personnel has the required qualification for the accomplishment of electric installations and facilities support.

  Energoservice Engineering ООD has introduced a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for complete construction of electroenergetic facilities. Production and assembly of standard and non-standard metal articles, as well as assembly of electric equipment.

  The Company has been registered at the Central Professional Registry of the Bulgarian Builders’ Chamber for 3rd group – energy infrastructure constructions, as well as for 5th group – additional construction assembly works.

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